Jun 13

babies have arrived, fasten your seat belts!

Benedict and Chloe, sitting in a tree….
For comparison, notice how huge Hamlet looks, and he is a rather small cat :)

Introductions went very well as long as everybody pretty much ignored the cats, didn’t TOUCH the cats, good time to shower the dog with love and cuddles!

Had some checking out the digs, a few little growls, no hisses, lots of sniffing, playing with new toys, checking out the litter boxes, finding the food station, all was well. And then?

OMG its a monster!! (the dog…)


funny cats

This is totally exhausting. Benedict promptly passed out, Chloe has to stay awake to protect him…

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  1. miss Peach says:

    OH MY HOLY CATS!!! How adorable are they!!? Those sweet faces….how wonderful to see your furry family grow Etha! Our hearts are smiling happy faces for all of you at the cozy cottage

  2. Shirley says:

    Oh my, how darn cute!! TFS

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh they are just precious!!! And soooooo cute! Congrats and many happy years!

  4. mudmaven says:

    OMG – how cute are these guys!!!! It’s so nice to see some new little ones – I’ve read about at least 3 losses today of long time friends. They are just too precious for words. Thanks for making my day! ~chris

  5. Peggy Dollar says:

    I am in love with Benedict! I lost my little red haired angel of 15 years last year and I was devasted. Both are adorable and I hope you have taken LOTS of pictures because they go through the kitten stage way to quick! I continue to look for my very own Benedict! :-) Enjoy!!!!!

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