Stamps for Sale!

I have a few stamp sets that I sorted out from the collection, they are listed on craigslist here:

First bunch:

A Tree for All Seasons: $ 6.00 (4 stamps, like new)

Blooming with Happiness $ 15.00 (6 stamps, hostess set, RETIRED, like new)

Merci: $ 10.00 (6 stamps, RETIRED, unused)

Organic Grace: $ 10.00 (4 stamps, hostess, NEW in box, unmounted)

Blooming with love: $10.00 (8 stamps, 1 has light ink on rubber, others like new)

(like new = very clean, no ink, not used)

$45.00 for the lot

Second bunch:

For a Friend: $ 9.00 (6 stamps, 1 stamp has ink, others are NEW)

Friendship Blooms: $ 9.00 (5 stamps, like NEW, unsued)

Wonderful Weaves: $ 5.00 (4 stamps, RETIRED, used, have ink stains)

A Little Bit of Happiness: $ 9.00 (4 stamps, 2 lightly used, 2 NEW)

Lots of Thoughts: $ 10.00 (6 stamps, RETIRED, NEW)

Sincere Salutations: $ 12.00 (8 stamps, 3 NEW, others used, ink)

$50.00 for the LOT

Michael Strong Cloisonne

Set of 4 NEW, unopened, unused EZ mount rubber stamps by artist Michael Strong.

Ready to use with acrylic block.

$ 16.00 for the set of 4 individual stamps.

It is, that when your body and mind become unimportant, that you can truly listen to yourself.

108 workbook

Yesterday I got rather intimate with the current Microsoft Office Word program. I really didn’t like the switch to the tabular layout and was constantly fighting to find the most basic tasks…. but now I discovered a whole new appreciation of it and getting more comfortable figuring out how to do what I want to do! So that was a good exercise in detective work.

Went about to make myself a workbook for the 108 form. It had to be easy to use, make sense (to me) and hold up to hopefully extended use and scribbling. Made a file that contained all postures/moves on half pages, added lines to write on and a bit of stamping on the cover pages:

taichi workbook

I used 1 1/4 inch zutter coil in the binditall to bind it on a short side. Pages were printed on full pages of card stock, double sided, and arranged so that the facing page to a posture has room for “applications” to write in:

inside pages


Application pages have a yinyang sign watermark, had to try that out too ;)

Finally I will no longer loose my 108 pages, the front two pages have all postures of the form in order:

108 form

The covers are the same size as the inside pages, usually one would make them a bit larger. They were sealed with decoupage glue so I can wipe them if filthy. But distressed a bit with ink so it starts out looking a bit smudgy and used.

Much fun, plenty learned, and fun to use!

back cover

That thing called Fibro(myalgia)

It seems like it was a few lifetimes ago when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Such a quiet and “good-looking” disease, I am surprised this society has not gotten much farther in figuring out what to do with it.
I do think I cope very well, it is mostly annoying the heck out of me. I think Cindy O’Neil said it just wonderfully (Vitality Magazine, 2001):
” Accepting my physical limitations has been the most distressing issue to deal with.”

You were so used to being able to do SO much, ALL the time, and now of a sudden, seems like you need a vacation after hard labor like, say, eating breakfast… now THAT is annoying and disturbing.

I don’t have to tell anybody all the shit that goes on with fibro, anybody can google that. Here is what I found helps some:

Walk! Walk every day, after 20 minutes you WILL feel better and walk some more. The more you stay still, the more you’ll hurt. Yet, if you walk “too much”, you’ll hurt more ;)
Don’t eat crap, and again, we all know what that is. Eat unprocessed foods, that about covers it.

Qigong and TaiChi, helps, a LOT and can also be frustrating because you’ll want to do so much more and just can’t.
So then you have some “good days” and feel almost normal, yeah! and do more, and pay more a few days later…

So far I think what helps most with playing TaiChi is that you learn to relax (a much different relax than slumping in front of the TV..). Relaxing seems easy, but believe me, its the hardest thing I have ever attempted to allow to happen. (I didn’t write “do” on purpose). You learn to let go, not mind, and, well, relax. Your muscles, your tendons, your mind, everything.
To say we “work” on that sounds a bit crazy, but it is hard work to try to relax. Re-align body and mind.
This doesn’t “cure” fibro but it sure makes it easier to live with it. That is if you can ignore that everybody else in class seems to have more stamina and an easier time doing everything and probably doesn’t hurt ALL the time either… but even that, you learn to let go and not mind….just feels weird sometimes.

Perhaps this will one day relive me of this incredible over-sensitivity for noise, light, touch, smell, etc. everything is exaggerated and, well, hurts! makes you nervous, distracted, annoyed…

Which reminds me, time for a hair cut, my hair is longer than a couple of inches again and, yup, hurts! especially at night. This is so pathetic, anybody wanna laugh with me? ;)

Help this Senior Kittie

My favorite Animal Sanctuary Wild Blue Animal Rescue is helping a very old very sick cat. Can you help too?

After several requests for it, I quickly uploaded my “Old Fashioned Heart” tatting pattern again.

Edited to be a PDF:here is the pattern.
enjoy :)

ATC fun to the max :)

This last month ran away from like none other! I hope Karla can forgive me for sending my ATC to her soooo late!!
Not sure about you stampers, but not only do I need to have time to be paper crafty, it also has to be the right time, or better, the right mind set for me. If I’m frazzled by something or nervous, forget it, all I produce is, well lets say a waste of ink!

Here is the gorgeous ATC that I received from Karla last month, so much texture! Love that big butterfly, so shiny and glitzy. The theme for the MWS swap was vacation destinations and/or embossing.

from Karla

In return, I played some with stamps from Marks Finest Papers and the Faux Washi technique from the last TJ newsletter:

black cat ATC

For this month’s swap the theme was fibers and/or cats. Well, those two themes really go well together, especially with that crazy cat from Inkastamps (then Scrollsworks Rubberstamps, now retired) and that ever so funny sentiment from Mark’s Finest Papers:

crazy cat ATC

hope Sharon likes this one, my cats did approve ;)